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Solidarity with an embattled minority

EMU Ukraine Hearing, Berlin, 3 May 2014


Berlin (EMU) – At the invitation of the European Muslim Union (EMU) Foundation and the Islamische Zeitung (IZ), a hearing was held Saturday, 3rd May 2014 on the situation of Muslims in Ukraine, especially in Crimea, in a Berlin conference hotel. Muslim representatives from Germany and abroad travelled to this special meeting. It was important for the EMU that European Muslims show solidarity with their oppressed brothers and sisters.

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“Muslims are Europeans and are therefore not in need of integration“

A delegation of the European Muslim Union informs leading OIC representatives about the situation of Muslim Communities in Europe

On wednesday, 10th April 2013, a delegation of the European Muslim Union (EMU) visited the headquarters of the Organisation of Islamic Coorporation (OIC) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In an informative exchange with Abdullah Alim, Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs of OIC, who is also OIC‘s special representative on Kashmir, and Mahdy Fathalla, Director General of Political Affairs, Former Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, the EMU representatives informed the OIC dignitaries about the situation of the European Muslims and their communities.

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Building Bridges to the European Heritage

The European Muslim Union (EMU) invited guests to Weimar, the heart of German culture and the city of Goethe and Schiller for a one-day seminar on “Goethe and his relationship with Islam”.

Sulaiman Wilms, Chief Editor of Islamische Zeitung, Dr. Manfred Osten, Goethe Specialist

Weimar (EMU) – On 5th January 2013 the European Muslim Union, in cooperation with the Islamische Zeitung – Germany's leading Muslim publication – and the Al Farooq Mosque and Center, Dubai, extended an invitation to a well-attended seminar in Weimar. In addition to the very interesting and informative lecture there was a thematic tour through the heart of German culture followed by a lunch with participants at which there was a chance for the guests to interact. Afterwards the guests visited the home of the great European and free thinker Goethe at the close of the event.

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The 2012 Gathering of the EMU

We present hereby a summary of the EMU Gathering held in Rotterdam in September 2012 and the three main talks on the subject of the importance of education for Muslims in Europe.

EMU Press Release – Rotterdam, 18th September 2102


(EMU) – The European Muslim Union continued its traditional annual gatherings this year in Rotterdam, Holland. From 14th to the 16th of September, EMU members, cooperation partners, associates, delegates and local Muslim communities were invited to participate in the event, held at the Islamic University of Rotterdam (IUR).

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Training on countering hate crimes against Muslims

On 24/25 November 2012, Tankut Soykan, ODIHR Adviser on Combating Intolerance against Muslims, and Larry Olomofe, ODIHR's Advisor for Combating Racism and Xenophobia, lead a training session in Berlin for representatives of NGOs and Muslim organisations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland on countering hate crimes against Muslims.

Participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The aim of the training was to raise awareness of the concept of hate crimes and provide information on how to monitor and respond to such incidents, with a view to increasing understanding of the impact of hate crimes on society. Part of the training was to differentiate between what constitutes a hate crime, discrimintion and hate speech.

ODIHR has organized similar workshops on countering hate crimes against Muslims for non-governmental organizations in France, Spain and Bulgaria.

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