EMU has been involved in the EU-funded OPEN project since December 2019. With other civil society organizations from all over Europe we conducted months of research to investigate the role of social media in the possible radicalization of young people. We analyzed religious, sociological and economic factors of the realities of life of Muslim youth in Europe and especially in Strasbourg.

In addition, we and all project partners reflected on the current debates about the terminology used in the context of “Islamism” and emphasized the fundamental stance of Islamic theology – i.e. the rejection of ideology, extremism and terrorism.

Further information and background information can be found on the project website:

We would be delighted if Muslim organizations and other civil society actors would support our current campaign on the subject.

The Facebook and Instagram pages of OPEN are particularly relevant here:


We would be happy if young people from France would take part in this open project. We would particularly like to present those who are involved in public relations or prevention work on the OPEN pages.

We see a great opportunity in the project and in the campaign to make the positive engagement of Muslims against radicalization in Europe available to a broader public. We are always available for questions and feedback about the project.